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Choosing Between a Home Gym and a Gym Membership

Timing is everything. When the virus landed on America and wreaked havoc on the country, the need to isolate one’s self from the rest of the world became pronounced. As millions of exercise buffs found themselves facing a tight situation, many decided that the best place to exercise was at home. It didn’t take long for America to experience a shortage of kettlebells and handy home equipment as the pandemic wore on.

Today, a new weapon against the virus has been unleashed. Even though they do not constitute total protection against the virus, vaccines are doing a good job at limiting the disease. Indeed, fully-vaccinated Americans are reportedly still being infected. But the good news is it’s not as bad as before.

And that should tell you, renewing your gym membership may be long overdue. If you have a vaccine pass, then there may not be a better way to sweat than in a big room where exercise equipment is most complete.

It’s bound to bog your mind. The million-dollar question for you is should you rely on a home-based gym where you can exercise any time all the time, or go to a public gym where you have better equipment?

Worry not, however. As much as we can generalize things, there really is no right or wrong answer.  That’s because each person has a unique situation. Choosing which is the better way to exercise is a personal choice. But we can show you what most likely will await you if you choose one over the other.

The Merits of a Home Gym

Well, if exercise were a car, a home gym will always trump a gym membership. When you have one at home, your gym is available to you 24/7. No need to book and no need to commute. It’s convenient and it’s timely.

So that would mean you can exercise whenever you think best suits you. It fits your schedule. If you want to do it at 3 in the morning, it’s not a problem. You’re pretty much covered. Small wonder bodybuilders and top athletes keep one at home. A glorious example: Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. He calls his home gyms (he has two), Iron Paradises.

As personalized as your home gym is to you, you can design it to your heart’s desire. You can play any music you want and no one would bother you. In a traditional gym, you’d have to ask the person in charge if ever you want a particular set of songs if any.

Plus, you won’t have to compete with a stranger you hardly know on gym equipment. Unlike a regular gym, you’d have to wait your turn if that equipment is occupied. And as the equipment is not shared, you won’t have to hurry on a set routine to accommodate someone. You can take your time.

The Downside of a Home Gym

A home gym will cost you far more than a gym membership. If you’re looking at getting the same exercise equipment as traditional gyms, you’ll need to dig deep into your savings. A good way to go about this and free yourself of the burden is to make the most of free weights instead and body weight exercises.

There’s also the issue with space. Exercise machines are bulky and tend to eat home space. It would be a good idea to factor such space right from the get-go into your property if you’re still building your house. You can discuss the design with your building engineer and adjust your home mortgage loan accordingly. A reliable real estate agent should be able to assist you in facilitating a timely mortgage to make it all happen.

Then, there’s the issue of focus. When you’re at home, you can be easily distracted by all the things that happen within your precious abode. Your kids may need help with their homework. Your wife could have an errand for you to take care of. Worse, there’s the couch, a smart TV, and all the gadgets you need to enjoy yourself.

In short, exercise can be a tall order when you’re at home. When you go to a gym, you see other people sweating it out. With many of them carrying a beach bod with big, well-cut biceps, you’re bound to be motivated to push yourself harder. You’re in good company.

Deciding for Yourself

A good way to go about pushing yourself in a home gym is to exercise when everyone is still asleep. That’s early in the morning. That should give you a great breakfast after as your body’s metabolism is in full swing.

The greatest argument for home gyms is the virus itself. Home gyms are safe. As you only deal with family, there’s no chance you can get infected. Having a gym membership means you’ll have to be in close constant with strangers, people who unknowingly may be carrying the virus.

But it still is your choice. As per experience, those who took time to put up a home gym tend to observe their exercise routines better than those relying on traditional gyms.

At a time of the virus, having a home gym is definitely a great advantage. Then again, the best exercise routine is not a place. It’s one you follow with all your heart.

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