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Home of Champions: Workouts for Aspiring Athletes

Are you an aspiring athlete who is stuck at home due to the pandemic? Pave the way for an active lifestyle. As we try to beat this pandemic, we need to stay active and healthy. As individuals, we need to keep the immune system up to ward off illnesses and stay in top condition physically and mentally.

This is especially true for aspiring athletes who need to train regularly despite the situation. For training athletes and ordinary individuals, it is important to allot enough space for you and your family to work out in. Doing so will encourage you to exercise regularly because there will be fewer excuses for you to skip a workout.

If you have been doing home maintenance during the pandemic, perhaps you need a space upgrade. You could enhance your workout area by looking for asphalt paving services to pave your grounds for rigorous physical activity. You could have a basketball court installed for ball sports and other activities.

While on the topic of home workouts, how has this hobby or essential activity developed through time?

History of Home Workouts

Despite the popularization of online workouts, home workouts have not always been about YouTube videos and even TikTok trends. Various home workouts have developed through time according to lifestyle changes and technological advances. With the advent of the Internet, the fitness world has shifted dramatically.

Workouts started way back, but the trend of home exercise began with the advent of television. This is where the trend of workout videos for homemakers will arise. Women were expected to maintain a slender physique for their husbands. Hence, the development of these “accessible” workout videos.

Fitness equipment that seems outdated nowadays was prevalent back then. There was equipment such as sauna suits and vibrating belts to supposedly help melt more fat as you work out.

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Then came the advent of the VHS tape. This was a major shift in the fitness industry. Along with this is the popularization of home workout videos by Jane Fonda. VHS tapes changed the exercise game as this allowed on-demand access to fitness resources instead of organically catching them on television.

Fast forward to 2021. We have YouTube fitness “influencers” who provide short workout videos that are easy-access and offered for free to consumers. These personalities on the social media platform have created various types of exercise videos that cater to different individual needs.

Fitness is not just a trend. It should be part of everyone’s daily lifestyle, especially with the rising cases of obesity. With the current remote work setup, how can you squeeze in a workout as an aspiring athlete to avoid health complications?

Making Time for Fitness

Since you probably have been spending a lot of time in front of a screen for work during this pandemic, you need to find time to squeeze in a workout session regularly. Keeping yourself in good shape should be a priority not just because you aspire to be an athlete but also because fitness is important during this global health crisis. Follow these tips on how to allot enough time for a workout regularly throughout your week.

In between virtual meetings and online work, take short active breaks throughout the day. This can be in the form of dancing, playing with your siblings, or even gardening. Doing so will allow you to be somehow active despite your sedentary remote work setup.

As mentioned, there have been several online workout videos available for most people nowadays. Take advantage of this resource by using these online classes whenever you plan your workout.

Try setting up a standing desk for your home office setup. This will reduce your sedentary time by a significant amount. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle will make obesity a less likely outcome for your fitness goals.

During your downtime, you should remember to take time to relax or even meditate to help you stay calm during this difficult time. Stress can distract you from your fitness goals. Amp up your happy hormones by releasing stress through mental and physical activity whenever possible.

Being active during the pandemic is important in keeping your body in good condition. COVID-19 can be fatal in its extreme cases, so it is best to avoid contracting the virus whenever possible. Keep moving and stay hydrated every day to help your body ward off serious illnesses.

Whether you are an aspiring athlete or simply a fitness enthusiast, it is important to have enough space for your activity to prevent yourself from making excuses to put off your scheduled workout. Keep your home exercise-friendly by making adjustments in your space according to your fitness needs.

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