Household Cleaning Hacks for the Busy Homeowner

Cleaning your home could really be challenging, especially when you are busy trying to build a career and provide for your family. You can easily decide for a spring cleaning service in Syracuse or any other place because of your tight schedule. However, it is not enough that you know that your place needs cleaning, and a cleaning service is just a ring away. You need to know what your place needs, so you can assess if your place can be tidied up without your help.

Knowing what should be done to your home sets your expectations. You can easily evaluate service whether good or bad based on how you would do it if it were you. So, prepare a checklist for the common areas you want to be tidied up. Better yet, here are some tips on how you can clean up your place properly:

Dust your entire place

Make sure that you dust all the furniture in your place. Check on the shelves, staircases, frames, appliances, and other ornaments in the house. They accumulate more dust than you expect since people do not move them often. Check them regularly so that dust won’t build up over time.

Clean furniture fabric

Wash everything that is made of fabric. With the help of machines, you can easily wash and dry large curtains, bedsheets, and other small removable fabric at home like pillowcases, towels, etc. If you can’t remove the fabric, you can always brush and vacuum them.

Clean mirrors and glass

The most noticeable dirt in the house are markings on mirrors and glasses. Make sure that you use a squeegee for thorough cleaning. Leave no mark on the clear transparent surface while you wipe it.

Clean surfaces

Surfaces accumulate dirt faster than any part of the house. The bigger the surface, the more dirt it would have. Thus, there would be more presence of bacteria and viruses that could affect the health of your family. Disinfecting and wiping all surfaces will help you ensure that your house is not just clean, but also germ-free.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom

The nastiest areas of your house are the kitchen and the bathroom. It is understandable that the bathroom is one of them since they cater to our needs to sanitize and dispose of our wastes. However, take note that your kitchen is almost as dirty because of the food wastes that food preparation produces. Tidy these areas and observe proper waste disposal to avoid sickness.

Clean floors

The floors receive all the dirt that you bring into your home. You can’t possibly go outside without taking in a handful of germs with you. Thus, using different footwear when inside your home can lessen the chance of transporting bacteria from the outdoors. Then, always disinfect your floors to ensure its cleanliness.

You can also cut the cleaning time by taking note of the following:

Have a system

Organizing your tasks so that you can seamlessly accomplish them will help you finish cleaning up earlier than expected. Plan how you intend to clean the house. Which part of the house first? The best strategy so far is cleaning from top to bottom, then left to right. This can help you remember the space you have cleaned until you finish with the last spot.

Cleaning the houseGet proactive

Always keep the necessary cleaning tools ready. This can cut down the time of preparation. Prepare your checklist and your system in cleaning. It should be a matter of execution instead of starting an entirely new project every time you clean your place.  When you know what to do, time flies when cleaning. It can help you squeeze in the task in between your busy schedule.

Speed clean regularly

Accumulated dirt and waste can bring more problems. Thus, cleaning your place regularly can help you lessen the dirt you need to get rid of when you decide to clean your house thoroughly. Just be consistent and cleaning will be a lot easier.

If you know all these things, you can give the same instructions to other people so that they can get the same result. Who knows? You might also start a cleaning business yourself.

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