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Tinting Home Windows: Good or Unnecessary?

When you think of window tinting, you most likely end up thinking about vehicle windows. Sometimes, you might also think about commercial building or office windows. But one thing that doesn’t often pop into the mind is a tinted home window—despite the fact that tinting offers many benefits.

Keeping It Cool

Window-tinting your vehicle can keep it several degrees cooler than the outside. This is something you can evidently see and feel when you are in your car and the sun is shining through. A tinted window can reduce heat by as much as 78% when compared to untinted glass. This depends on the type of tinting used, of course, but that’s still a fantastic statistic nonetheless. Home window tinting services in Arizona, where it is often sunny, suddenly make sense. Tinted windows also help control hot spots caused by the sun streaming in. So keep it cool, get it tinted!

An added benefit of the reduction in heat is a lower power bill. You’ll likely be spending less money when it comes to air conditioning power costs. This is something that architects, designers, and engineers know, which is also precisely why they frequently use window film.

Reduces Glare

One of the biggest benefits of a tinted window is that there is far less glare to annoy your sensitive eyes. It doesn’t matter what the cause is—the sun directly shining through, reflections from the snow, light bouncing off water, or even reflections from surrounding buildings.

Prevents Over Exposure to UV Rays

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By now, everybody knows just how harmful the sun’s UV rays can be. It’s responsible for skin cancer, and it can also be responsible for severe signs of aging. A good window tint can block as much as 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays. This is fantastic not only for the skin but also for the furnishings in your home. For example, what would have probably faded in the sun will now survive for much longer.

Safety Benefits

This little benefit isn’t as good if you are already using tempered glass for all your windows. But if you’re using regular glass, window tinting can save you from injuries from accidents. A tinted window will not shatter to pieces as badly because the tinting will serve as a little “safety net” to keep the glass together. Therefore, the chances that you’ll cut yourself are slimmer. Projectile pieces of glass are also less likely to happen.

It’s Quick and Easy

If you think that it will cost a ton and take a long time to install, you’ll be glad to know that it’s quite the opposite. There are some affordable home window tinting options out there. And if you hire a professional crew to do it, it can be done quickly and without much hassle for you.

Home window tinting provides many benefits. And, let’s face it, it looks fantastic to boot. If you want to reap the benefits of tinted windows, be sure to hire a professional crew (unless you know what you’re doing) so that the tinting goes on without a hitch.

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