How to Add a Feminine Edge to an Industrial Home Design

Urban industrial or “industrial chic” is usually described as a masculine style, with the way it uses utilitarian elements combined with worn and natural textures. The furniture, especially the seating, is commonly dark in color, which deviates from the typical feminine style that normally sticks to pastels or neutrals. However, industrial chic is growing in popularity regardless, and even females with a demure taste would like to have their own take in it.

Key Characteristics

To achieve a true industrial chic design, here are the key characteristics that should be present in every industrial space:

  • Exposed beams
  • Unfinished materials
  • Brick walls
  • Metal and glass lighting
  • Cement floors
  • Stainless steel accents

Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal, and glass are the top materials used to create an industrial-style space. Salvaged and/or vintage items are also reused, making industrial chic a popular interior design style among “green” design fans. You can actually glimpse a few industrial elements in farmhouse-style homes as well, from the vintage decor and textures used.

The color palette of an industrial chic home is usually neutral, specifically gray, white, beige, and black. Warm wood tones are used as layers, and metals as accents. Your furniture, such as coffee tables and dining tables, should preferably be made from reclaimed wood, and the chairs should be metal to create a complementing contrast. You can shop for trendy and striking industrial furniture online.

Soften the Look

Home Interior

To give you a sense of direction, take inspiration from Rose Poudre, a beauty salon in Abu Dhabi, which got featured in an Italian design magazine called G&G. The salon is furnished with rounded couches, brass light fixtures, open metal shelving units, marble counters, and light wood flooring. The walls are done in an unfinished concrete style, and metal artwork is used as wall accents.

Colors used are rose gold, gray, and pink. The rose gold was used in the brass items such as faucets, light fixtures, shelving unit, and mirror frames. The gray dominated the walls and ceiling, while touches of pink were added into the concrete to make the space more girly.

Another good touch of femininity in an industrial room would be a drippy crystal chandelier. This would look best in living rooms with high ceilings, making it a dramatic contrast to the exposed beams and pipes.

Layer with textured textiles as well. It’d make leather couches (which are normally used in industrial living spaces) warmer and more inviting. Implement the textures on throw pillows, blankets, and woven rugs.

Another brilliant design tip for high-ceiling spaces is to load up on wall art. Make a wall gallery using an entire wall’s length to liven up the space and make it look homier. Add a pop of color by using a brightly-colored couch instead of a typical, brown leather one, and use the neutrals for your center table and accent chairs.

Load up on vintage decor everywhere. In your bedroom, for example, stick to white sheets and layer it with a textured blanket, and then spruce up your bedside tables with vintage decors such as an old-school alarm clock and decorative pottery. Lay a vintage-style rug on the floor, and hang vintage-style art along the walls to achieve an edgy, feminine look to the entire space.

Don’t forget your house plants. Greens match well with neutral color palettes, so add potted plants in your decor. Fresh flowers will add a womanly charm, so add those to the mix as well.

With these tips, your home will still showcase your womanly style and tastes, even amidst all the elements such as metals and exposed beams. Overall, your space will look sexier and fiercer.

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