How You Can Stay Active Without Working Out

Finding yourself always busy and never having time to exercise? Or are you just saying you have no time for exercise? Whether you are busy or are simply avoiding exercise. There are plenty of ways you can stay fit without actually exercising. Here’s how:

  • Bike to places instead of driving

Cycling for at least three hours per week can already reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50 percent. If a mere three-hour bike per week can do that, imagine the health benefits of biking to work every day could do. Not only is it better for your health, but it can also help you save time and money too.

  • Turn family time into physical activity time.

Family time is important, no doubt about that. But most family time ends up with you sitting down in front of the TV watching a new series all day. Try to switch things up a bit by turning family time into physical activity time as well. Instead of binge-watching a new series at home. Why not go for a walk in the park together instead? If you have family members who are fans of sports, why not ask them to teach you that sport and play with them? All it takes is 15 minutes of physical activity every day to boost your life expectancy by three years.

  • Clean your house.

Can’t find the time to exercise? At least find the time to clean your house. Doing house chores and cleaning your home is considered a moderately intense activity. It’s not only beneficial for your physical health but your mental health as well. Although cleaning might not be enjoyable for some, others find it relaxing. And if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy the cleaning process itself. Living in a clean and organized environment is sure to relieve some stress.

  • Avoid taking the escalator or elevator.


If you can take the stairs, take the stairs. Try to avoid taking the escalator and elevator as much as possible. Remember, walking is always going to be more beneficial.

  • Get a standing desk.

Sitting down all the time is bad for our health. That’s why standing desks were created. To prevent office workers from sitting down all the time. If your job requires you to spend the entire day sitting down, why not opt for a standing desk instead? Sitting down can increase weight gain and is linked to earlier deaths and disease.

  • Switch out your chair for an exercise ball.

Can’t afford a new desk? Why not switch out your chair for an exercise ball instead? Sitting on an exercise ball can improve your blood circulation, balance, posture, and overall health. That’s because, unlike sitting on a chair, an exercise ball requires you to use your core and leg muscles actively.

  • Get a job that requires you to stand all day.

Tired of your desk job? You could also opt to look for a job that requires you to stand and move around all day. Such as working at a quick-service restaurant franchise.

  • Stand and stretch every once in a while.

Studies have shown that you should limit your sitting to three hours a day. In this day and age, that can be impossible. But you should still make an effort to stand, walk around, and stretch every once in a while. You should do a few stretches at work if you sit all day.

  • Regulate your food intake.

fruits and veggies

Are you eating more junk than whole foods? Maybe it’s time you regulate what you’ve been eating. Believe it or not, our diet affects our health more than exercising does. That’s because you can’t exercise off a bad diet. If all you eat is junk and processed food, you really won’t have the energy to exercise. You’ll feel sluggish and just unhealthy in general. We’re not telling you to eat less, but you should eat healthier.

  • Schedule walking meetings instead of sitting down meetings.

If you always have meetings at work, try scheduling a walking meeting sometime. This is not only a great way for you to stay fit. You’ll also be promoting health and fitness at work, which is always a good idea.

Suppose you can find a way to stand up or walk around instead of just sitting down all day. Do it. All it takes for you to stay fit is to move, move, move. Suppose you don’t want to exercise or can’t find the time to. At least find the time to move around. That’s all it takes.

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