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Skincare and an Active Lifestyle: What Does the Future Hold?

There’s no denying the influence that technology has on our lives. While technology usually comes in the form of state-of-the-art tools and gadgets that we can use for work and getting things done more efficiently, technology has also made great strides in medical science and medicine. One particular industry that has benefited from leaps in technology is the skincare industry, especially since we are at an age where tools, substances, and trends have contributed to cosmetics.

Since we live in the digital age, we can reach out and communicate with an acquaintance hundreds of miles away. Since much of society is interconnected with social and digital media, many individuals want to leave a better impression on themselves, especially since social media is considered the “eyes and ears” of the public. Having clear skin through innovative beauty products has always been one of the best ways of making your skin more youthful and more “Instagrammable.” In fact, it’s known that 2019 was a year where industries focused on personalized products, especially for the public that’s always clamoring for better skincare.

Since there are even technological advancements in the new few years, it’s only appropriate to look at skincare innovations and how they will affect us in our active lifestyle and day-to-day lives. Here’s what you’ll need to know.


The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of electrolytes is sports drinks. But electrolytes aren’t just on your sports drinks since they are also integral to your skin’s health. Nutrients like calcium, potassium, and magnesium will work in tandem with your skin to keep it hydrated and well-maintained, even during intense workout sessions.

As the anime suggests, electrolytes are minerals that carry an electric charge with them, such as magnesium. This has a wide variety of benefits to the skin. Not only will this help retain water and hydration in the skin, but it can help increase cell activity and blood flow, which is needed by the skin, especially those that are working out in dry environments.

Many companies have been developing skincare products infused with electrolytes since the end of 2019 and have been producing even up until 2021. Given that these products can help boost performance and retain hydration levels while keeping the skin in pristine condition, this is one product that’s designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

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Sustainable Skincare Products

Let’s face it: the manufacturing process of cosmetics, whether it’s skincare, beauty products, or any personal care products, can have a lasting impact on the environment. While most of us want to have clear and clean skin by constantly buying much-needed products and utilizing cosmetic services, the manufacturing process’s waste can often lead to large amounts of garbage. In fact, the skincare industry is worth around $500 billion in a year but has consequently led to 70% of deforestation.

But a variety of cosmetic companies have been shifting towards a more eco-friendly approach in manufacturing goods. If there’s one thing that data and information have been telling us, the sustainability trend will start ramping up in the next few years.

A part of any skincare business is how products are being packaged. Since this plays a large part in the industry’s revenue, it’s important to think of more sustainable solutions. Much of this trend will be gaining traction in the coming years. For instance, Dove has been using 100% recycled plastic bottles by the start of 2020. Other companies are selling reusable bottles to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, the products themselves will also play a huge role in the environment’s future. Biodegradable facial wipes can help stop the accumulation of fabric and textile in landfills, while there are sheet masks that can be safely disposed of right after being used. Not only are these products great for the skin, but it’s also a win-win for both the environment and the user.

If you’re looking for ways of producing environmentally-friendly products that can also keep your skin clear and clean, many manufacturing companies and suppliers are in the market for various brands. Fortunately, some contract manufacturing companies are well-versed in various manufacturing operations in the skincare and cosmetics industry. Not only do they specialize in manufacturing a plethora of different skincare and cosmetic products, but they’re also known for their marketing and package outsourcing.

Various innovations in the cosmetics and skincare industry can help maintain clear skin while also being eco-friendly. Most businesses in the sector and skincare enthusiasts should be excited for what the future holds since there’s bound to be more innovations in the coming years.

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