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Is a Cleaning Business Profitable?

Only a few people truly enjoy cleaning. Do you? While some find cleaning therapeutic, others will immediately balk at the idea. But the pandemic made us look at cleaning in another way. How many times have we scrubbed floors and surfaces the past year? We invested in cleaning and sanitizing materials, making sure that our homes are as clean as possible. So, if you’re thinking of what business to invest in right after the pandemic, it is looking at you straight in the eyes: a cleaning business.

In the past, a cleaning business might not be at the top of your head. But because of the pandemic, this sounds to be the right kind of industry to get into. But before you begin asking about its profitability, how can you start a cleaning business?

Thankfully, the past decade didn’t only bring the coronavirus pandemic. It also brought several franchise opportunities for cleaning. If you want to venture into a cleaning business, you don’t have to do it from scratch. All you need is to pick up the phone, set a meeting with a cleaning franchise company, and crunch the numbers.

People Don’t Have Time

In a dog-eat-dog-world, one thing is for sure: people do not have the time to clean their homes the way they want to. While they may be contented with haphazardly cleaning their homes in the past, these are different times. Because of the threat of the pandemic, you want your homes to be as clean as possible. Most people, especially those who work in an office or at home with children to take care of, don’t have the time to do it.

Others don’t have the energy because they are busy pursuing their other interests. So, the next best thing for them to do is just to call a cleaning company. The high-quality professional service that these companies can provide is worth the price they demand.

There’s a High Demand

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The demand for cleaning services is high because it is considered a luxury to have professionals clean your home. The hourly rate for a professional cleaning service is between $25 and $40 per cleaner. Your business can earn that much in an hour. How much can you earn if you have a lot of clients already?

Call a few cleaning companies if you aren’t sure how much the hourly rate is in your area. You can get the average and go from there. The idea is not to be too cheap that others think your business doesn’t deserve its rate and not to be expensive, either, that no one can afford you. Stay above average for a good profit margin.

Opportunity for Growth

Restaurants and online shops are all the rage now, but do you know that cleaning service companies actually have a huge opportunity for growth, too? You can dominate a specific area or expand your service areas. You can build as many cleaning teams as you can afford and deploy them to your clients’ homes and offices. This means, in an hour, you could be getting double or thrice your fee since the cleaners can operate in different places.

If your clients book you regularly, you will have a steady stream of clients. This means a steady income that will cover your overhead costs. What more can you do to grow the business? A 24/7 cleaning service also sounds right since a lot of people work weird hours. Offering to clean their homes very early in the morning or late at night or when they are on an out-of-town trip works perfectly.

Different Types of Services

There are various types of services. You can either offer residential or commercial cleaning. You can do industrial, too. As your business grows, you can expand your services. In time, you will be cleaning small businesses, office spaces, apartment buildings, commercial complexes, and high-rise buildings. Aside from cleaning, you can also offer a sanitation service to turn your clients’ homes and businesses COVID-free. Your cleaning business can focus on one expertise, or you can branch out to accommodate your clients’ different needs.

The pandemic threw the doors wide open on businesses entrepreneurs previously thought weren’t cool enough or weren’t going to profit at all. Cleaning services are on top of this long list of pandemic-proof businesses. While it was profitable even before the pandemic started, it became a necessity when people realized how important it is to sanitize their homes and offices. So, if you’re ever in limbo about a cleaning business, don’t be. It’s probably one of the most important service-type businesses right now.

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