Making Housekeeping Look As Easy as Pie

A home is essential for every family. It is a safe place where one can rest, relax, have fun, and occasionally work. However, because of the pandemic, many businesses were affected, and many jobs were lost. People who need money to support themselves and their families have resorted to scouting for alternatives to earn from home, such as applying for online jobs.

For some, their homes are environments where they could relax and rest, but now it has unfortunately morphed into a place of work and business. This results in houses being occupied by the entire family throughout day and night, filling all the extra spaces. Sadly, these circumstances have made some homeowners want to change and revamp the house because of the clutter and the lack of maintenance due to the pandemic.

As a homeowner, you must first determine the problems and list them so each of them can be addressed. One of the apparent reasons is neglect and lack of proper maintenance. One example that can determine that a house is not adequately taken care of is problems with switches, wirings, and electricity; as a homeowner, you would need to call a residential electrician to fix this problem to avoid short circuits or a potential fire from faulty wiring.

Here are ways you can revamp your house and turn it into a more comfortable home for you and your family:

1. Get rid of dust and dirt

Having dust and dirt in a house is inevitable; they cannot be removed entirely with just sweeping and mopping. However, it would be best to eliminate it because dust carries many bacteria and chemicals that can affect those inside the house. Even a small amount of dust can be very serious to kids and adults who have conditions such as asthma.

To get rid of dust and dirt, make sure you use mops, brooms, vacuum cleaners, and cleaning agents. Make sure that you vacuum the furniture and carpets because their material is prone to dust. A damp cloth can clean walls, roofs, and other things that are covered with dirt. You can do this as an activity with everyone in the family to maintain a dust-free home.

2. Clean air

Clean air is essential in households, especially in houses or condos in the city or by the road. The cheapest and the best way to have clean and fresh air is by opening the windows or doors. However, due to the different gravity of living situations, people who live in big cities cannot do this. Using an air purification system or a purifier device can help filter the air inside and produce non-toxic air.

3. Check the moisture content

As harmless as it is, the moisture can also be dangerous to the house’s structure and to the people inside if not maintained to its required minimum content. Moisture is formed in the wet areas of the house: the bathroom, powder room, laundry room, kitchen, and other spaces where they are likely to accumulate.

Moisture can produce molds that will stick to any part of the room. Molds can pose a potential threat to health when it gets into contact with people. They can also attract pests such as rats and other insects. To avoid growing molds inside a house, install an exhaust fan in the designated rooms or open the windows so the moisture content in the air will be reduced.

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4. Check and repair the interior and exterior of the house

It is essential to check every element of the house, such as the structure. This will assure you that the house will not fall apart. Walls, roofs, and floors must be checked for any cracks or leaks to avoid the accumulation of mold or pest infestation. Windows and doors must be checked if there is any problem like cracks. If a problem occurs, immediately call for assistance to repair the house.

5. Get plants

If you want your home to have a stylish and healthy environment, you can put plants inside and outside your house. Plants have many benefits, especially by making one’s home more livable.

Plants inside the house can help clean the air and give the space a green environment that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Exterior plants such as trees, bushes, or hanging plants can provide shade. Bushes and trees can also regulate the airflow, especially when there is an impending typhoon or just a windy day.

6. Avoid clutter

You will always experience clutter in a house when one is working, especially when there is insufficient storage space. Putting things everywhere without the intent of storing them will make a home uncomfortable to live in.

To avoid this, always install a storage space such as cabinets. When bringing things in the house, always be sure to put them in their proper storage. This kind of practice can make a difference for your home and the people inside. A space in a house full of clutter can be very annoying, and you don’t want to be called a hoarder by your relatives and friends who visit your home.

7. Safety and security

Having a house already provides safety and security against any elements from the outside. But sometimes it is not enough. It would be best if you had extra protection for your house and the people inside, install a CCTV and an alarm system in any house area. For safety, install a smoke detector in the regions that are prone to produce fire. This way, people can avoid any possible accidents that will cause potential problems that will lead to the destruction and damage of the house.

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