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Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2022

One of the most popular home renovation choices is a kitchen remodel. A kitchen makeover can add value to your home, prolong its lifespan, and help you streamline your cooking process. Here are some top kitchen remodeling trends for 2022:

Countertops Continue To Evolve With Technology

In modern homes, countertops will be larger and more spacious than they were in previous decades. Expect butcher block and granite countertops to become even more popular than they already are. Stone countertops will remain on-trend, but you’ll see more options. A wider range of materials will be used to create natural-looking counters that are appealing yet functional.

Kitchen islands will also become larger, which is a welcome change for foodies who cook for large groups on special occasions. You may even start seeing some homeowners opt-out of having kitchen countertops altogether in favor of communal bar-style seating areas where guests can gather around the island to eat and drink together.

Workstations Will Be More Functional Than Ever Before

With tech advancements, some modern kitchens will have more tech-friendly spaces like workstations with built-in computers and charging docks. Smart appliances will detect when ingredients run low and automatically place an order at online grocery stores. Other smart features include refrigerators with built-in cameras so you can remotely check your inventory, digital recipe displays, and countertop mixers equipped with voice assistants.

Kitchen islands will have built-in fire pits for al fresco dining year-round or even outdoor kitchens.

Open Spaces Are More Stylish Than Ever

A growing trend in kitchens is incorporating more open space where it’s rarely seen before. Instead of separate pantries, china cabinets, storage closets, iceboxes, and food prep areas that are closed off from the rest of the kitchen — everything will be housed within one open room designed to maximize style and function simultaneously. These high-end kitchen remodels are also chefs’ kitchens because they are designed for cooking enthusiasts who often entertain.

Kitchen sinks will likely get bigger and more luxurious, too. Expect to see under-mounted sinks instead of the standard drop-in models, which are popular right now.

Cabinets Will Get A Makeover

Sticking with the open-space theme, homeowners are opting for larger cabinets that allow more space to store appliances. Cabinets will likely shrink in width but grow in height because most people are storing their kitchen essentials on shelves or into overhead cabinets instead of deeper drawers. Expect taller cabinet bases to accommodate bulky appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators. This trend may also lead to more under-counter storage options like pull-out drawers that are ideal for storing appliances or even food.

Less Is More In The Lighting Department

Lighting in the kitchen will change significantly in 2022. Expect to see a reduction in overhead recessed lighting, which is taking up too much valuable countertop space. Instead, homeowners will have a greater selection of practical pendant lights and sconces that hang down closer to the countertops or island where food prep happens.

These types of lighting will allow you to actually see your workspace and create a more intimate atmosphere for cooking with friends and family. In fact, some homeowners may opt to go with candles instead of electric lighting.

Color Palettes Will Change

In 2022, expect to see a return of the color-neutral kitchen. In the past decade or so pops of bold primary colors have been trending in kitchens. However, homeowners are looking for a more sophisticated and elegant look with subtle hints of color here and there without going overboard.

Since people are placing a greater emphasis on food, they are making more of an effort to obtain fresh ingredients. Besides cooking at home, people are also exploring new cuisines and experimenting with different food preparation techniques for all sorts of cultural dishes.

Plants Will Make A Comeback

It’s no secret that people love to bring the outdoors inside, and infusing a minor nature into the kitchen is all part of this design movement. The easiest way to do this is by adding plants, whether they’re potted or hanging, like air plants. Also, expect more green walls as well as open shelving used for plants.

The Kitchen Of The Future Will Be Highly Personalized

In 2022, expect more kitchen remodeling companies to offer complete personalization options for their clients. For example, color and material choices will expand so homeowners can really express themselves through design. Also, imagine getting a digital rendering of what your dream kitchen would look like before it’s even built.

2022 is here, so it’s time to start thinking about your kitchen remodel. These are the top trends you can expect this year. Keep in mind that these are only general trends, and your specific needs may vary.

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