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Maximize Your Small Kitchen Space With These 8 Tricks

We’ve all dreamed of owning a big kitchen with high ceilings and tons of sunlight pouring through large windows. But in reality, most of us make do with small, cramped kitchens.

Don’t fret as we’ve put together eight small kitchen decorating ideas that help you will maximize your small space without sacrificing on design.

Distract the eye with large tiles

A small kitchen gives you the freedom to go all-out with bold tiling. Large tiles will trick the eye and make your kitchen look bigger, rather than smaller.

They’ll make your kitchen floor appear less busy and have fewer grout lines. Smaller tiles, like mosaics, do the opposite.

Build-in your seating

Do you want an eat-in kitchen but have a very small space? Save a few inches by building a banquette that’s attached to the corner wall.

A regular table requires space of at least two feet behind each chair for people to be able to sit down and get up. Meanwhile, a slide-in banquette requires no space at all.

That way, you can focus on using all the space to maximize the number of people you can fit around the table.

Maximize your dining space

When hosting a party, a small kitchen doesn’t have to be a dud. Get creative with seating. Your kitchen island can easily fit a few bar stools tucked away. Also, it’ll be good to invest in drop-leaf or extendable tables, that can fit more guests when needed.

Choose pint-sized appliances

When it comes to kitchen appliances, big isn’t always better. It’s possible to find smart appliances designed specifically for small kitchens. You don’t have to sacrifice storage on bulky blenders and toasters where there are smaller alternatives that can do just the same.

Extend your storage to the ceiling

There’s one space in your kitchen that often gets overlooked: the space below the ceiling.

When building new cupboards, make sure that they touch your ceiling to maximize the space. Use that vertical space to your advantage!

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Work your walls

When you have limited floor space to work with, take advantage of your walls.

Attach shelves, rods or hooks to your walls so you can take your utensils off your countertops and onto the walls. Also, you could free up entire cupboards by just hooking your cups and mugs that have handles.

Install roman shades to your window

Roman shades are a perfect window treatment idea if you only have few windows in your kitchen. Because they’re made from thin cotton or linen, Roman shades allow plenty of sunlight to pass through your kitchen window, without totally exposing your kitchen to the sun.

Keep your space modular: invest in a rolling kitchen cart

A kitchen island on wheels! This way, you can move it around to suit your needs. Tuck it away when not used or turn it into a fancy buffet dining cart when entertaining your guests.

Having your island on wheels is a small change that can make your kitchen space much bigger.

With these clever design tricks, you can maximize the space in your small kitchen without sacrificing on design. What’s your favorite small kitchen decorating idea?

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