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Let Your Dad Know You Appreciate Him with These Cool Father’s Day Gifts

It’s that time of the year again when we honor that first man in our life—our dad!

In the past weeks, many homes all over the world have seen fathers do extraordinary things to keep their families safe from COVID-19 or to make sure they meet their needs. One father in India had to brave the quarantine to find a blood donor for his sons who have thalassemia. Another father in Louisiana, an ICU nurse, had to live away from his three children and pregnant wife because of his regular exposure to COVID-19 patients.

So this Father’s Day, show your dad a bit more TLC as a way to say “Thank you” for their sacrifices for you, not only during the pandemic but when you needed help. Here are some gift ideas for them:

Gear for the Outdoors

For dads who missed hiking and trekking during the lockdown, a powerful headlamp from Black Diamond can get them to trek overnight again. This water-resistant lamp will bring them safely through winding paths and obstacles in the dark. They can use it in rainy weather or while passing through a waterfall (or bending over the backyard grill for a summer night barbecue).

Trekking with his pals can get your dad exhausted. Why not give him a foldable camping stool that’s light enough to carry? He can set it up as a table or chair during stops. How about adding this set of 64-ounce growler and four 12oz. tumblers from Stanley to complement the stool with an ice-cold beer at the end of the hike?

Does your father love to bike? Give him this cool Nixon 51-30 Chrono water-resistant watch to time his workouts. It’s got the performance and rugged look that spells confidence. Incidentally, Nixon 51-30’s Star Wars Collection was cited as one of the 30 best black watches for men by Trendspotter so you won’t go wrong with this gift.

And for dads who are planning a Father’s Day shooting weekend, find comfortable men’s clothing, such as weekender jackets, waistcoats, field coats, and breeks. These will keep them warm in low-temperature environments.

father and son

Hi-tech Gadgets

Is your dad complaining about his old, disintegrating wallet? Now is an excellent time to replace it. But don’t just give him any wallet. This Ridge aluminum wallet has inner plates that block RFID hacking machines attempting to steal digital data from cards and IDs. It comes with card slots and a money clip.

Is your mom complaining about your father’s sleeplessness? He might be a workaholic. Remind him of the need to be healthy. Better yet, help him track his sleeping patterns with a Fitbit Inspire HR and make sure that he adopts a healthy sleeping habit.

You can further inspire your father to sleep on time by giving him a morning treat. Get him to enjoy his coffee or tea longer with this temperature-control mug, which keeps beverages at the temperature you want for up to 80 minutes. Your dad can adjust the warmth of his drink and retain it through the mug’s coaster charger.

We don’t often find the perfect moment to tell our dads how much we appreciate them. But there’s one day in a year that reminds us of it. Make the most of that day with these fun gifts and by keeping them company.

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