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Top Ways to Raise a Family of Readers

Reading is both a hobby and a skill that leads to many different physical and mental health benefits, such as stress reduction, memory building, and emotional development. If you want the rest of your family to enjoy these benefits, here are several ways you can make them more avid readers:

1. Set up a reading nook

One of the best ways to promote reading in the house is by setting up a place dedicated solely to reading, such as a reading nook. Choose a spot that you want to transform, such as a corner in the living room or an end of a hallway, and then set up comfortable seating with a bookshelf with books organized according to age group. With a cozy space for reading, both adults and children can enjoy a good book without many distractions.

2. Buy books that your children want

Just because you enjoyed a book in your childhood doesn’t mean your kids will, too. If they are old enough to choose books, let them make their own decisions when shopping for books that they want to read. Of course, skim over the content and the back cover to make sure the book is age-appropriate.

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3. Make reading a bonding activity

Whether it’s with your spouse or child, reading together is one of the best bonding activities that you can do at home. Moreover, it’s a great way to introduce reading as a hobby if a family member is not very much used to it.

4. Have fun while reading

When reading to toddlers and school-age children, you can make the activity more fun and engaging by staging plays based on the book, holding puppet shows, or letting children retell the story using their own words and interpretations.

5. Use technology

There are many reading materials online, so don’t be afraid to let your children use tablets or e-readers from time to time. Download interactive reading apps as well so they can do activities as they go along. However, be sure to limit their screen time to what’s appropriate for their age.

6. Talk about what they’re reading

Another excellent way to raise a family of readers is to talk about what you’re reading with each other, maybe during dinner or over afternoon tea. During this time, you can take the opportunity to share insights, recommend good storybooks for children, and simply enjoy conversation about the things you’ve learned while reading books.

7. Build a family library

Books and the love for reading can bring you closer together as a family. And what’s a better way to promote reading in the household by building a family library? If you have a spare room in the house, convert it into a library full of bookshelves to store the books you’ve collected over time. If not, set up or build bookshelves in the main family area for reading.

Raising a family of readers is more difficult than you think, but with these tips, you can promote reading in the house even if your family members are not innately book lovers. After all, reading is one of the best ways to raise highly literate children and promote continuous learning in adults.

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