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Make Your Home the Ultimate Staycation Destination

Due to the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to dissuade people from traveling. This is especially true for leisure. People are urged to stay home instead. Even companies have shifted to remote work for their employees. As of the middle of February 2020, 46% of American businesses have done so.

Many are now confined to their homes for work, causing stress. People are social creatures. Online engagement cannot sufficiently take the place of multiple face-to-face interactions. Previously, stress was dealt with by taking vacations. Now the only option is a “staycation” at home.

Work-life Balance

To help minimize stress, the need for work-life balance remains. Now that people are working from home, the work environment needs to strike that balance as well.

It is necessary to create a dedicated work area that is conducive to concentration and productivity. This must be protected from the noise and distractions of the rest of the household. It must also be ergonomically set up to keep the body at its optimum state of focused relaxation. Check the height of your table and the specifications of your work chair.

The work area should be inspiring. Having a window with a view of greenery would be soothing to a busy mind. If that view is not available, you could place indoor plants in a corner instead. A few photographs of loved ones would provide further inspiration.

Water Facilities

The advantage of working from home is that you can immediately relax after work hours. Make the most of this by making the bathroom the equivalent of a resort’s water facility.

If you can install a tub, even a Zen-style soaking tub could provide a spa-like experience. Prop a few scented candles on shelves and add drops of aromatic oils into the bathwater to complete the ambiance.

If you do not have enough space for a tub, replace your shower head instead. Choose one that provides different spray patterns, from a soft mist to a drenching rain shower. Add glass shower doors for a touch of class. Make your bathroom an oasis and refresh yourself.

Personal Gym

A balanced life needs a fitness routine. This must also be present at home.

If you can afford a full gym set up and have space for it, that would be best. It would be more practical for many people to invest in gym equipment that could be folded and stored out of sight after use. This also keeps the home more streamlined and clutter-free.

If you have been going to the gym before the pandemic, you already know what exercises are best for you and what you prefer. You only need to find versions of the equipment you have been using that are within your budget.

If you have not been exercising before, now is the time to start doing so. Do not immediately investing in equipment, though. Read up online on recommended exercises for beginners. Many do not require equipment. As you progress, you can determine if you are ready to start using home gym equipment.

Do not forget the importance of stretching. Practices such as yoga and tai chi are also beneficial.

Breathe Outdoors

woman jogging at the park

While indoor plants can help improve the quality of air inside the home, you still need to breathe outdoors regularly. Make sure that you do so in a space where you and your housemates are alone and not exposed to others.

If there is no garden, a balcony or a patio would be an excellent place to relax in while unwinding. If those are not available, sit by an open window. Turn on some mood music, close your eyes and imagine that you are in your favorite vacation destination. You can find mood music online with the sound of a brook, the ocean, the rain, a storm, or bird calls.

Food Trip

Go on a food trip without leaving home. It would be safer to cook your own food instead of having cooked food delivered. You could either cook your old reliable recipes or be adventurous and learn new recipes online. Try out dishes from exotic destinations. If there are ingredients not available in your nearest supermarket, you can order these online and have them delivered.

Home Paradise

Working from home gives you more time since you do not have to commute. This time could be used to transform your home into a paradise for work and leisure.

Who knows, you might realize that this is the best setup ever. You might decide to continue working from home long after you are required to do so. It is, after all, a dream to work from a resort-like location.

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