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Marketing to Seniors: Converting Engagement into Leads

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to interacting with older adults is that they have a different mindset. However, marketing to adults is easier said than done. Although increasing font sizes and making them easier to read in posters could help, there are still various factors to consider. Here’s what you’ll need to know when it comes to getting the attention of the older generation.

Use Language That They Can Relate To

First thing’s first: if you want to market your product to someone effectively, you’ll need to break down any communication barriers and speak the language they know. Most seniors won’t be using the same urban lingo that most younger generations are currently using. Although these seniors can understand much of these languages, it’s only to an extent. If you’re going to market towards older adults, you might want to avoid using slack, a trendy language that’s only used for a particular demographic, or memes catered towards a younger audience.

It’s known that most millennials will usually thrive around drama and are known for being highly-aware of current pop culture trends. On the other hand, boomers are more “objective” with services and products. That said, they’re more inclined to products that are marketed in alleviating the standard of living rather than fashion statements or something that’s currently trending for the sole purpose that it’s trending.

Although they’re more inclined to weighing-in on pros and cons, that doesn’t mean that you cant get creative. Still, you’ll need to be direct and straight-to-the-point with your language. You’ll have to avoid terms that most of the younger generation are more familiar with, such as AFAIK (as far as I know) or LOL (laughing out loud), since there’s a good chance that they won’t be able to get your jokes. You might also pass off as someone who tries too hard in selling products.

When it comes to marketing, the general rule of thumb is that you’re not selling them the product by making it compelling, but you’re selling what the product can do for the individual. For instance, if your product is a construction tool, you’ll want to let your audience know about its heavy-duty uses or showcase some finished products related to the machinery you’re showing them.

It’s important to remember that their generation will have a different way of thinking than other generations. In terms of their socio-economic understanding, seniors will have different wants compared to the wants of teenagers. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to utilize the same product or service. You can still sell the same product, as long as you can market it well.

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Appeal to Their Needs

About the previous section, it’s best to appeal to their needs. Many older adults are keen on preserving their health and well-being, and it’s a priority during their older years.

When it comes to services, older adults and seniors constantly look for services to safeguard the future. Some of the most common and popular trends among seniors come from insurance and benefits that they can utilize for themselves and their families. Retirement plans are considered one of the most important types of insurance that seniors want to invest in. Having a hassle-free service that’s catered towards their health is definitely one that will catch their attention.

Make It Personal

Older generations are quite keen when it comes to good customer service. Many seniors want to have a personalized experience that’s catered towards their needs and wants. Having an automated or self-service model of business is known for seriously putting them off. This is why most potential customers and clients are willing to pay for a better and more personalized customer experience.

If someone has a query or concern, having someone on the other side of the line can give a personal touch to their situation. This can help re-assure and take off a great deal of concern and stress among customers.

Keep Things as Simple as Possible

Many older individuals didn’t grow up with the same understanding of technology that we know now. Since many millennials, Gen Xs, and Gen Zs are quite familiar with what they have to do, most businesses and services won’t have to put a good deal on instructions.

But when it comes to catering to older adults, most businesses will have to consider the fact they’re not familiar with how the technology works and how it’s evolving. A part of your marketing strategy should be giving them comprehensive instructions on what they can do to operate specific devices.

Keeping things as simple as possible doesn’t just work for seniors, but this will help business transactions and increase customer experience, even for younger generations.

When you’re marketing to older adults and seniors, you’ll have to keep in mind that they come from a generation that’s not well-versed with technological innovations. Most seniors are also known for being keen-to-detail on what products can do for them. You don’t necessarily have to revamp your whole marketing campaign to cater to seniors, as long as you keep things simple and relatable.

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