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Traveling and Public Toilets: a Different Kind of Pandemic

Going on road trips is one of the best ways to spend your vacation. During the summer, many people plan road trips that would take them to different places with their friends and family. One of the most fun and exciting parts of traveling is the car ride to different destinations. However, most travelers face a common dilemma: the shortage of clean and functional public toilets. Sure, there might be a lot of public toilets on the road.

However, most of them are either too dirty to use or out of order. When this happens, what do you do? Of course, you have to opt for the next best thing to finding a clean and functional public toilet: answering the call of nature outdoors. While this might not be convenient for you, you might find that you have no other choice but to endure your fate.

The shortage of clean and functional public toilets has become a different kind of pandemic that many people, regardless of whether they are regular travelers or not, face, especially while they are on the road. Far from hoping for public toilets that have a toilet bidet attached, most people would be happy to find a clean and well-maintained public toilet on the road. Below are some tips you can consider to avoid dirty and malfunctioning public toilets while on the road.

Plan Ahead

Before traveling on the road, you must plan, especially in terms of the stops you will be making along the way. This means that you have to scout for places where you know you can find clean and functional public toilets. Although you always have the option to answer nature’s call out in the open, finding a public toilet that passes for clean and well-maintained is the best option for anyone.

Before your trip, you must refrain from drinking lots of fluids and eating excessively. This way, you get to control the frequency of nature’s call. You can catch up on eating and drinking when you make stops along the way. This way, you don’t have to worry about searching for a clean and functional public toilet in between stops because the need to answer nature’s call has become overwhelmingly urgent. If this happens, you might end up compromising your trip and ruining the entire journey.

Assess Your Options


If you make stops along the way and find functional public toilets, you must always assess your options and check whether the toilets are clean enough that it is safe for you to use them. Some public toilets have been neglected for too long that they have become too dirty to use safely. You must prioritize your safety because you never know what kinds of risks you might expose yourself when dirty public toilets.

If you have no other choice and you need to answer nature’s call, you must sanitize public toilets as well as you can to make sure that you will not be putting yourself at risk just for using a public toilet. You can bring lots of toilet paper and disinfectants with you on your trip in anticipation of finding dirty public toilets on the road. You can also stop at diners or restaurants on the road and order something so that you will be permitted to use their toilet. You can also make this one of your stops so that you can rest and eat.

Always Exercise Caution

Aside from coming prepared, you must always exercise caution when it comes to using public toilets. This means that you must refrain from touching public toilets’ surfaces, especially if you have not sanitized them yet. As much as possible, you must wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from all the risks that might be present in a public toilet. If you think that a public toilet is too dirty to use, you can always try to find another public toilet instead of settling for one that you think will compromise your health and safety.

Since most public toilets are often neglected, clean public toilets have become extremely rare. If you plan a road trip for yourself and your friends or family, you must plan and come prepared. This means you have to anticipate the probability that you might not find clean and functional public toilets on the road.

Therefore, you must bring disinfectants, gloves, and masks with you and scout for stops that may have clean and functional toilets you can use. The shortage of clean and functional public toilets has become a different kind of pandemic that people, especially travelers, have come to worry about. Therefore, it is best to come prepared for long road trips.

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