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Measuring Jugs: Essential Facts You Need to Know

Measuring tools have been used for thousands of years and they continue to be used today in a wide range of industries and disciplines. Human history owes a lot to these tools – from the way they allowed Egyptian engineers to measure and build the Great Pyramid to perfection or how Noah used them to build the Ark that saved humans and animals from The Great Flood. Whether it’s a sextant, protractor, or sundial, ring tools have greatly shaped the course of history in so many ways.

In modern times, we still owe a lot to measuring tools such as a high-quality measuring jug to help us accurately measure liquids, solids, and other elements in our quest to discover or create things. For this article, we will focus on measuring jugs (or measuring cups) and their benefits and applications.

Here are the essential things you need to know about them:

Two types of measuring jugs/cups.

There are two types of measuring cups used in different applications: dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups. While a lot of people use them interchangeably, they should be used for their intended purpose. Liquid measuring cups have a functional spout much like a pitcher that allows the user to safely pour the liquid into another container. They are made of either glass or plastic with a transparent finish so the liquid inside can be seen with ease. Dry measuring cups, meanwhile, have an even construction much like a mug and is used for dry materials like flour or salt. They are likewise made from either metal or plastic and are typically opaque since they are meant for dry materials in the first place.

Will the use of the wrong measuring cup lead to inaccuracy?

According to this experiment, it would. There is a demonstrable reason why liquid measuring cups are meant only for liquids and dry measuring cups are meant for solid or dry materials. Using the wrong measuring cup, it turns out, will only lead to a high inaccuracy in terms of the actual measurement of materials. That should be enough to convince you to use the right measuring cup.

Measuring cups are used in various industries and disciplines.

As mentioned above, measuring cups can be used in a wide range of applications that span several disciplines and industries. Among such applications are baking, science experiments, food preparations (like in residential and commercial kitchens), feeding (such as powdered milk for babies and pet food for dogs and cats), and many others.

Mind your liquid measuring jugs.

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When it comes to liquid measuring jugs, it’s important to be picky if you want to ensure accuracy and safety. For example, you must choose measuring jugs with accurate and reliable measurements, especially if accuracy is critical in your task. If you’ll go for plastic measuring jugs, meanwhile, check if they’re made from chemical-resistant and food-grade polypropylene; for glass measuring cups, prefer ones made from high-quality Pyrex.

With these essential facts, getting the right measuring instruments should be easy for you. Buy only from reliable suppliers, so you can be sure about the quality of the products that you’re getting.

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