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These Basic Bathroom Design Tips are Great for Smaller Bathrooms

We get it: not all of us have a gigantic castle to live in, with hundreds of rooms and even more bathrooms to match. Most of us live in tiny flats in Edinburgh or Glasgow, or in moderately-sized homes in Hamilton or Lanarkshire. However, bathroom installers in Lanarkshire will tell you that it’s not the size of your lavvy that will make you feel royalty. Rather, it’s in how you design it.

The economy of space many people have to live with means that creativity becomes their most important tool in creating a lavatory that is bursting with both beauty and functionality.

Here are some basic bathroom design tips when you’ve a wee lavvy.

Basic Bathroom Design Tips for Smaller Bathrooms

Corner Sinks are Versatile and Gorgeous

Small bathrooms will usually only have one or two “traffic lanes” for people to pass through, which means that big, bulky, wall-installed sinks might not be the best option. Even pedestal sinks, known for their space-saving powers, might not be enough if you’ve found yourself a bathroom that can only really house hobbits.

In this scenario, consider a corner sink. Corner sinks are great because they take up space that you’re not using anyway, which means they’ll be well out of the way of anyone passing in to take a quick shower or use the loo. It also allows you to utilize it as storage space, freeing up the rest of your bathroom for other essentials. Free up even more space by mounting your faucet into the wall as well, as this will free up a square meter or so in the bathroom.

Curtains are Better Than Doors

That is, shower curtains are better than shower doors. A shower curtain will obviously save more space because it only moves back and forth, as opposed to a shower door that swings in and out. Of course, you could go with a sliding shower door, but you can’t put it away when you want to, unlike a shower curtain.

For lavvies with a shower-tub combo, which is fairly common now in large cities, a shower curtain makes so much more sense both in terms of space-saving and in terms of cleaning. It’s easier to clean and store shower curtains than it is to scrub down a bulky shower door, sliding or not.

bathroomChoose the Right Vanity

The right vanity can give your bathroom an illusion of space, but only if it’s the right kind. Mounted vanities that are right in the eye-line create the feeling that your bathroom is larger than it really is.

Try to get a vanity that is rounded rather than square, as sharp corners in a tight space are pretty much hazards for your hips.

Consider a Trough Sink

Not a fan of the corner sink? Not a problem: trough sinks aren’t just for those trendy downtown restaurants, they also work really well in tight lavvies. These types of sinks have a low profile, and can be wall-mounted to save more space. Couple this with a wall-mounted faucet, and you’ll get a few extra square meters of space underneath your sink.

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