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Physical Activity for Your Employees

Your employees are vital to your company’s operations, making it important that they stay safe and healthy to enhance their work performance. Health and safety are essential, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Besides eating healthy and maintaining a clean environment, staying physically fit is also imperative in boosting the immune system. To help your staff maintain a healthy lifestyle, here are some activities they can do.


An enjoyable way to maintain a healthy body is through dancing. Aside from it being an efficient type of cardio, dancing can also help enhance coordination and confidence, qualities that can help better the characteristics of your staff. Since most of your employees work from home, you can provide them with different dance classes via online video calls.

Build Strength

Shaping and toning your muscles do not only make you look fitter and healthier, but they also have other benefits. With a desk job, time passes quite fast without you noticing that you have spent most of the day sitting on a chair. This can lead to you feeling fatigued or having muscle pains. With little movement comes decreased bone density and flexibility. By performing strength training routines, you will be able to regain your flexibility and increase your bone density. This exercise can be given to your staff through subscriptions to gyms that offer online sessions.


Moving is how your employees can start living healthier, and an effective form of cardio that they can do even without equipment is running. Some of its benefits include lower risk of heart disease, reduced blood sugar levels, and stronger muscles, but it can also boost energy levels, making it just the thing your staff needs to be more productive at work. By encouraging your employees to take short runs in safe areas, you’ll help them strengthen their immune system.

Try Pilates

Being strapped to a desk all day with only a slight movement will keep you stiff and give you muscle pains. The effects of this can be observed as you age. So to improve our employees’ flexibility, they should tone their muscles and increase their strength even after hours of staying in a single position. Getting them a subscription to a Pilates class will help them regain their flexibility and enhance their strength.

Do Yoga

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Working from home can both be convenient and stressful, and the fact that there are only limited options to go out only adds to that. To maintain optimum health, physical exercises and nutritious meals should be coupled with a healthy mentality. Since stress can manifest in other physical illnesses, not looking for a solution or exerting the effort to relieve stress will eventually take a toll on your body. To combine both keeping a healthy mind and having your exercise, doing yoga poses can help. Just like Pilates, yoga also enhances flexibility, strength, and balance, but it can also improve your mood and energy levels, making it an ideal way to help manage stress. Similar to the exercises mentioned above, you and your personnel can start learning yoga positions by getting a subscription that holds online classes.

Do Some Stretches

Immersing yourself in work can make you forget the time and hinder movement, and lack of movement leads to sore muscles and a stiff body. Yoga and Pilates and some activities you can do to combat these effects, but if you do not have the time, doing simple stretches will already help. By following stretching routines once you wake up and before you go to bed, you already give your body what it needs to remain flexible and ease away some of the soreness. Sharing a simple informative video on proper stretching techniques with your employees will help them relax after a long day at work.


Staying in one position for longer periods is one of the most challenging parts of working a desk job. Although this can be comfortable, especially if you’re sitting on a nice chair, it can still stiffen your muscles and lead to bad posture. By giving yourself and encouraging your employees to take little breaks to simply stand and stretch, go for a bathroom break, or walk around, you can already enhance your blood circulation and prevent back and leg pain.

Use Equipment

If your company is working on a skeletal schedule, you can provide the ones in the office with time to exercise using an in-house gym. Gym equipment can help improve your performance and make your workouts more efficient. But given the pandemic, you must frequently clean not only your office gym but its other facilities, too. To make sure that everything is properly sanitized, you should have the equipment and the area cleaned after every session and get it regularly deep cleaned by a janitorial service.

Your employees are like your family, so you should take care of them and make sure that they remain healthy whether they work from home or in the office.

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