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Indoor Sports You Can Play During Quarantine

With the recent lockdowns imposed in many nations around the world due to the threat of coronavirus disease, many of us are stuck at home. Performing physical activities has become a challenge, especially when people are not allowed to even jog around their villages. But quarantine is not an excuse to not perform any form of exercise. We still need to keep our bodies active and maintain our overall vigor.

Looking for things to do while the world is still fighting against the coronavirus? Here are some indoor sports that can be easily done within the confines of your home.

Table Tennis

Also known as whiff whaff or ping pong, table tennis is a good sport to play at home. It can be played with two or four players. It can also be played alone. No table tennis table? No worries. This game can be played at just about any table.

Playing table tennis has several health benefits, which make it a good indoor game. It develops mental acuity, improves fine muscle movements, stimulates mental alertness, and improves balance.


Bowling is an enjoyable activity, whether it is played in a bowling alley or a space at home. It comes in different types: ten-pin bowling, nine-pin bowling, duckpin bowling, five-pin bowling, and candlepin bowling. To play this game at home, you can choose to create your own improvised bowling set or purchase one at your local store or online. Bowling is a great quarantine activity because of the many health benefits associated with it. It is one of the indoor sports that are good for strengthening the muscles. It is also good for improving hand-eye coordination, enhancing balance and flexibility, and burning calories.

Hula Hooping

A fun and easy way to burn calories, get off those excess fats, and keep yourself active, hula hooping is a must-try indoor activity that you can try with your family. Hula hooping is a good cardiovascular fitness activity. It challenges every inch of your core muscles and does not involve the use of expensive equipment.

Just one hula hoop with the right size and the right weight can very well get you started on a fun yet high-calorie-burning activity. Your quarantine days will never be dull with this activity at home. The best thing about this? You can easily do this alone if you have no companion or are not looking for one.

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If you are the more adventurous type and love the feeling of the thrill that comes with skateboarding, why not do this activity while at home? Get hold of your skateboard or inline skates and head to the basement of your home or the building where you are residing. Basements are usually made of cement, which is a good material for skateboarding. Forget that you are in quarantine in the meantime, and enjoy the moment that you have with your skateboard. You will probably forget in no time that you are just playing in a basement and not in your usual playground outside.


If you had not played darts during the days when people were free to go and roam outside, then you will probably find it hard to like playing darts at home for a start. But once you get the hang of the game, you will definitely love its pace and how the game is played. Darts is a fun indoor target game. It can be played by two people or by teams. This is a good way to bond with family while you are all stuck at home because of the pandemic.


Chess is among the different types of sports that improve a person’s intelligence. It also enhances memory, deepens focus, and boosts a person’s planning skills. Chess is a game that primarily involves the mind. During the quarantine, this game can be a good way to while away the time and to bond with the different members of your family at the same time.


Love playing cricket but cannot do so because of the pandemic? Why not play it at home instead? Cricket can be played indoors. While it may not be like the outdoor cricket you are accustomed to playing, indoor cricket can still be a fun and exciting way to spend your day with other family members. So get your energy going, prepare all your cricket equipment, and have your family get on the vibe with you! You may also use the wall for your drills. Indoor cricket can help you hone your cricket techniques and can help you become comfortable playing certain shots.

Remember, performing physical activities for improving health does not require you to do it outdoors all the time. There is a myriad of calorie-burning and energy-giving activities that can be done at the comfort of home.

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