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Six Practical Tips for Maximizing the Tiniest of Office Spaces

An office space is an expensive commodity. It can positively or negatively affect your productivity at work. A dark and cluttered workspace will bring your productivity down, while an open and brightly lit area will increase your ability to concentrate. Office spaces will continue to shrink because of rising real estate prices. As a result, by this year, each worker will have less than 150 square feet of workspace. Is that enough to be productive at work?

Fortunately, you can make use of office screens from London to maximize the space you have. This nifty little technique will allow meeting places, conference rooms, and office cubicles to be transformed whenever the need for more space arises. Businesses can also make use of coworking spaces and home-based workers to save on their rent expenses.

Use Common Areas

Employees should adopt the philosophy that the whole facility is their office space. This means that they should be allowed to work outside their own cubicles. Sometimes, it can get stuffy to work in such a tiny space. Employees should be allowed to work in the common areas of the office. This tiny change in environment and surroundings will boost their productivity levels.

Go Paperless

If you have limited space in the office, you shouldn’t spend an inch of it on storage cabinets. And why do you need large storage cabinets anyway? It’s because of the stacks of paperwork that you still keep in the office. Consider going paperless. You can save your files on the cloud instead.

Declutter Regularly

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Train your employees to remove unnecessary clutter from their desks. Messy workplaces will make an office space look smaller than it is. Keep the bare minimum amount of furniture. Get rid of the furniture that you don’t need. Assess the things your workers need in the office and only keep those that are essential to their work.

Consider Telecommuting and Coworking Spaces

Employees who don’t need to work in the office should be given the option of working from home or a coworking space. The best thing about having access to technology is that people can work from anywhere in the world and still get to join meetings and present reports. The world is your workspace, thanks to the many advances in technology.

Light the Room Up

Use lights to brighten even the darkest spots in the room. Install overhead downlighting and recessed LEDs. Dark colors and lighting can make a room more elegant. It also feels designer. But the rooms also appear smaller. So ditch the dark lights and dark wall colors. Light up the whole room so that your employees won’t feel drowsy and lethargic. Well-lit rooms will do so much for the productivity of the employees.

Hold Meetings Outside the Office

Instead of hoarding up space in the office, why not take your employees for a lunch meeting? A change in environment will make for better and more creative ideas. It can be a treat, too. They have been working hard for your business. They deserve to have a treat at a nice restaurant.

You should also look at an open-space layout. This is the best way to maximize your office space, though you all have to adjust to the lack of privacy. You don’t have to sacrifice productivity because of a small office. You need to be resourceful and find the right solutions for your office needs.

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