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Spring Cleaning Checklist: Things You Should Include

When the birds start to chirp, and the flowers begin to bloom, it is time to get a head start on your spring cleaning. It is a great practice many people should follow to make their homes fresh after the winter blues. Plus, it prepares us for more the following hectic and busy seasons.

Here are things you should not skip on your spring cleaning list to make sure your home is properly cleaned.


One of the things you should tackle in your home is your windows. While you might think it is a quick job, we are not only talking about the glass. You need to clean your entire window. Your windows have crevices that harbor a lot of dirt, so you need to get into those hard to reach corners. It would be best if you kept your windows clean to avoid mildew and mold growth. You can clean your windows twice a year, once in the winter and once in spring.

Your Gutters

Our gutters are something that we often forget about since we do not look at that part of our house regularly. However, if you leave it unattended, you can get a lot of problems, such as foundation damage. While it is dirty work, it must be done to keep your home safe.

You ought to clean them one time in early fall and one time in the late spring. You can do this on your own, but it can be a tiresome work. It’s ideal that you find a company that offers services for gutter cleaning in Ogden.


Similar to our gutters, we may ignore our filters because we do not see them. However, spring is the perfect time to replace the filters in your home. Dirty furnace and air filters can let dirt and allergens flow around your home and make your air dirty.

Each furnace, however, will vary on how often you should change them, but spring is an excellent time to check on them. Do not forget to change the vacuum filters, too. You do not want them to spit dirt back into your home.

Your Garage

Have you seen the damage the winter has done to your garage floor? Your car might have dragged in salt and mud. You do not want to let these settle in for too long because it could be challenging to remove in the future. Do not forget to put away any winter gear, such as sleds and shovels.


person cleaning the carpet

While you might clean your carpet regularly, we mean clean it. Your carpets deserve a little extra love, so you should deep clean them. Some people recommend that you do this twice a year, but you might be fine doing this once a year in the spring. That way, you can turn on the fans and open up the windows to let it dry faster. You can hire a professional to do it or do it by yourself.

When the snow melts away, it is time to embrace a clean home while the warm sun is out. Keep these cleaning tips in mind to help you out.

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