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3 Specialized Professions That Could Pique Your Interests

Other than the illustrious careers, such as becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or an architect, there are more specific jobs that may pique the interest of some people. These jobs entail intensive training in a particular field to gain a level of mastery.

These specialized professions help make sure that things are running smoothly in companies and society:

Industrial Electrician

When there are problems at home, it’s easy to call the electrician. The usual troubles range from a malfunctioning electrical connection to something exploding in the electrical box. These are smaller-scale problems, but when it comes to larger, mass-producing equipment, a specialized professional is needed to fix and do the job.

In the manufacturing and production industries in Colorado, they use gigantic machinery that has complex components that industrial electricians have been trained to master. They guarantee the installation, repair, and maintenance of electrical equipment in factories, warehouses, buildings, etc.

Because they deal with gigantic machinery, crawling, climbing, and standing for long periods are part of their job description. Aside from the physical requirements, industrial electricians have trained to understand blueprints and technical documents to help them navigate the systems that they are working on.

Forensic Psychologists

In movies, people see these investigators who look at the crime scene and analyze all the evidence, but somewhere in the investigation, they need someone to explain the kind of person who could commit such a crime. This person is a Forensic Psychologist.

The job of a forensic psychologist is to apply theories and clinical psychology into the law—sometimes even merging them. According to the American Psychological Association, “the most frequent duty of forensic psychologists, is the psychological assessment of individuals who are involved, in one way or another, with the legal system.” The duties of a forensic psychologist stretch farther than the crime as they are also involved in child custody evaluations, counseling for victims, screening applicants, facilitating intervention and treatment programs, etc.

After knowing these responsibilities, a forensic psychologist must possess strong communication skills needed for interrogations and interviews. They should also write comprehensive reports and assessments since they are in charge of multiple evaluations in various departments. On top of this, as psychologists, they should remain emphatic even with the exciting array of people they encounter every day.

Database Administrators

Database Administrators

When seeking customer service, representatives would click-and-clack on their keyboards while browsing for their customers’ accounts and other information. At the bank, tellers would update a deposit and enter the information given to them by the account holder. Both of these scenarios require a database used by companies to keep track of their records.

The responsibilities of a database administrator are to design this entire system so that it works seamlessly and that it’s accessible to its users. The database administrator should also back up, update, and modify the database if needed. The design of the software is also the work of this specialized professional as it enhances the user experience and helps in mapping out the entire program.

In this career, troubleshooting skills and logical thinking are necessary to spot the errors in the database. When some functions go wrong, it is their responsibility to fix any bugs and locate the problem area immediately.

In any profession, dedication is necessary to continue honing one’s craft and specialty. This drive should keep going to strive for improvement.

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