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Creative Ideas for Using Your Staircase Landing

Staircases now feature some of the most intricate designs. This is because they are not just simple structural elements to get you to the upper stories in your property anymore. They are also interior and exterior design elements that might take a property’s look to another level when properly executed. While staircases include a range of essential parts, you nowadays can opt to include or exclude different pieces to put together your desired look.

Some property owners are nowadays opting to exclude landings from their staircases design and construction. The landing is a platform or level floor at the top or between stair flights or at the point where the staircase’s direction changes. It accommodates a direction change or acts as a point for people using the stairs to rest before their continuing their ascent or descent. Property owners who opt to exclude landings argue that it is a waste of space and will unnecessarily increase their budget.

Even so, you can transform the landing at the top of your stairs to make it part of your usable space. Here are some creative ways to do this.

Use It for Storage

If you lack storage space, you can get some on your staircase landing. For this, invest in shelves that match the overall design of your interiors if you are planning to store books and display artworks. You can also opt for a chest of drawers or gorgeous cabinets for the landing. These will give you some much-needed space without looking too imposing or cluttered.

Create a Reading Nook

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You can also place a comfortable chair or bench and a small bookcase on your stair landing to turn it into a reading nook. This idea works best for stairs that are not used by a lot of people since it offers a quiet space for you to read your book and relax. Depending on the size of your landing, you can also invest in a side table where you place flowers to create a warm atmosphere.

Have a Gallery Wall

You can also use the wall behind your landing as a gallery wall. On it, you will display interesting artwork or your family photographs. The wall will capture the attention of people coming up and down the stairs and free up your other indoor walls for other décor elements. It will also add some much-needed interest to your staircase’s look.

Maximize Your Natural Lighting

You may alternatively opt to break down the solid wall on your landing and replace it with glass. This will maximize the amount of natural light on your stairway and interiors. The best glass types for your landing are those with high impact resistance. Alternatively, you can have thin bars holding the glass in place to maximize your property’s security.

With these ideas, staircase landings might soon become elements that you want to show off and the coziest places in your property. Thankfully, these creative uses of the landing will not affect the primary function of your staircase. They will only boost the landing’s design to capture people’s attention when they stop to catch their breath.

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