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Staying Fit During the Pandemic: How to Bring the Gym to Your Home

We all know that millennials love living an active lifestyle. They go to gyms more frequently than other generations. They dress for exercise even if they are going to work. They’re also ahead of trends when it comes to sports and other activities. However, the pandemic put everything to a halt. Millennials now are cooped inside their homes with nothing else to do but play video games or watch Netflix. This is a growing problem as more of them are becoming unhealthier and unsatisfied with their life as the pandemic drags on.

However, some millennials have found ways to integrate their active lifestyle into their homes. One of which is by building a gym in their own home. Here are some ways you can do that.


Space is essential for any hobby. Some require a small amount of space to do, such as board games. But for your gym, you’re going to require a significant amount of space. However, your gym doesn’t necessarily need much space. A room you don’t use, the basement or the attic, are all excellent places for you to start your mini-gym.

What you need to do is to pre-measure your gym equipment first before buying them. This makes sure that you have enough space for it in your home. Additionally, you can consider other versions of specific gym equipment. For example, a motorized treadmill requires a lot of space because of its motor and threads. This can easily occupy half of an average room. So instead of getting a motorized one, you can get a manual one instead. Manual treadmills can be foldable, so you can keep them almost anywhere. It’s also smaller and more compact, so you wouldn’t need too much space for it in your mini-gym.


Choosing the right floors for your mini-gym is going to make or break your hobby. Flooring is essential in gyms for a variety of reasons. One of which is safety. Particular floors can be slippery, and this could lead to workout incidents. Another reason is that floors in gyms require to be sturdy and reliable. Gym equipment is heavy, and some equipment is dropped haphazardly into the ground.

Rubber is one of the best flooring used in gyms, or at least in certain parts of a gym. Rubber isn’t slippery, so you wouldn’t worry about how you disembark from your treadmill. Another trait of rubber is that it bounces, which means that it won’t hurt as much if you do get into an accident. It’s also great if you drop some of your gym equipment. It won’t damage the floor because the rubber would just absorb the force of the impact. You’re not going to need a lot of rubber floors for your gym at home, just place in areas where you have your gym equipment located.

Another good flooring material for your home gym is foam tiles. They are cheaper than rubber but technically offer the same advantages. The difference is that foam tiles are more likely to depreciate than rubber, so you’ll have to replace them quite often. However, aside from this disadvantage, it can do many things that a rubber floor can do.

Lastly, if you don’t have any funds for your gym’s flooring, you can opt to just buy individual mats. If you want to keep your workouts light and you’re not going to be purchasing heavy gym equipment, then just having simple workout mats is good enough.

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High-Quality Equipment

The last thing you should invest in is high-quality equipment. Cheap gym equipment means that they break down quickly, and the last thing you want is your gym equipment breaking on you while you’re using it. So with that being said, investing in high-quality gym equipment is also for your own safety. Moreover, keep in mind that by using high-quality gym equipment, you’ll spend less on maintenance. You can then use the money you’ve saved up to buy more equipment for your gym.

You can buy high-quality gym equipment almost anywhere. But always do your research first. Remember that weights and pull-up bars all require to be sturdy enough to carry your weight. This is why you should make sure that the steel your gym equipment has is fabricated by a trusted steel fabrication company. These kinds of steel have another layer of protection that keeps it safe from rust and depreciation. It also has more strength than ordinary steel, so you wouldn’t fear it breaking apart while you’re exercising.

Millennials and their need to live an active lifestyle have pushed them to build gyms in their very own homes. You can do the same thing too! Just make sure you have space for it, have the necessary flooring done, and use high-quality equipment. With all these things, you can continue living an active lifestyle and stay fit during the pandemic.

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