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What to Do This Summer Instead of Flying

When the pandemic first started, the aviation industry was put to a halt. But in recent months, things are starting to pick up again. More people want to fly to international travel destinations. Others want to fly to cross state lines and visit loved ones for the first time since the pandemic started.

There are many ways to keep safe when traveling through an airplane. Airline companies implement strict regulations. For instance, passengers are required to wear masks throughout their flights. Also, since vaccinations are being rolled out, many passengers have already been fully vaccinated, lowering their risk of infection when they travel.

Nonetheless, traveling via airplane during a global pandemic is still risky, especially for people who have yet to be vaccinated. But that doesn’t mean your summer vacation will be boring. There are many fun vacation and travel ideas you can try that don’t involve flying.

Road Trip

Instead of flying, travel through land instead. Take a few days off and go on a road trip with your friends or your family. Pick all your desired destinations, and then make an itinerary. Determine where you should go first, second, and so on. You might even consider getting some souvenirs from a local gift shop on your way home, even a simple trinket to remember your trip by.

Going on a road trip is much safer than flying since you’ll have fewer interactions with other people. The very few times you’ll interact with other people are when you buy food along the road or talk to receptionists in the accommodations you’ll stay at along the way.


Camping is also a nice vacation idea, especially during the summer. Pick a camping site with a nice view so that you can also go sightseeing. There’s also something really appealing about gathering around a bonfire during the night and eating grilled food.

This travel idea also has a lower risk. In a campsite, while you may be around other people, you’ll be at a safe distance from them. Also, being outdoors lowers your risk of COVID-19 infection drastically.

If you can’t find a camping site that still accepts tourists, you can camp in your backyard instead. Doing this may seem a little weird since you are supposed to go traveling instead of being at home. But the camping experience can be fulfilling in a way.

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For those who like to stay physically active even during summer vacation, hiking will be a great vacation option. You can choose a nearby hiking trail. Or you can go somewhere far for a change of view. You can also couple this activity with camping so that you don’t have to tire yourself by cramping your plans in a single day.

Many people have been going hiking since the lockdowns eased last year. And for a good reason. For one, hiking doubles as a cardio workout and can help people stay healthy during the pandemic. It also helps people relieve stress by being around nature.

And just like camping, hiking is a low-risk outdoor activity. Not to mention, you won’t have to spend so much to go hiking, especially if you already have the right gear for this activity.

Cabin Rental

Your summer vacations don’t have to be too tiring. Sure, you’ve been lounging at home during lockdowns and quarantine. But a change of environment while doing the same thing doesn’t sound so bad. In fact, a lot of people may have thought the same since cabin rentals have been on the rise since the beginning of summer.

That said, consider renting a cabin for a few days for your summer vacation. To avoid boredom, you can bring board games and some playing cards with you. You can also do fun activities. For example, since tie-dye shirts are quite trendy recently, you can make your own. You can also go fishing, do a campfire at night and eat s’mores, or bike around the area.

Virtual Tours

There’s also one thing you can do at home, without spending money: virtual tours. Thanks to virtual reality, you can “go” places and “see” new sights through the internet.

Various museums set up free virtual tours you can take for some art and history appreciation. There are also virtual reality sightseeing tours you can try. Take a tour underwater by watching scuba diving tours or take a virtual tour around national parks.

There are many activities you can do during the summer apart from flying. These activities are much safer.

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