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The Top Korean Dishes You Should Definitely Try Today

Korean food is more than just a bowl of spicy stew piled onto a cup of rice. There is a reason why the world has recently become obsessed with Korean food. From Korean fried chicken to kimchi, we will discuss some of the most famous recipes and dishes that you should try today. This will make you crave, though, so make sure you are ready to run to a local Korean restaurant after reading this list below.


You will most likely find Bulgogi — a savoury dish is made up of grilled marinated beef — on the menu, especially if you are dining at a Korean restaurant. Koreans truly love meat. This makes them experts when it comes to beef, chicken, and pork marinades, so you can expect this one to have such a pleasant taste. Bulgogi also includes garlic, sliced onions, lettuce, and a thick, red spicy paste called ssamjang. The mixture of all these ingredients is just divine, and you will definitely be wanting more after your first bite.


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Samgyeopsal is extremely popular not only in Korea, but also in its neighbouring Asian countries. A lot of unlimited Samgyeopsal restaurants have popped up in the past years, and that is thanks to the popularity of K-dramas and K-pop.

This dish consists of grilled slices of delicious pork, chicken, or beef. These are usually minimally seasoned or unseasoned since you will be dipping it in a seasoning that is made of pepper, salt, and sesame seed. You can then eat it on its own, but it’s best enjoyed when wrapped in lettuce along with other ingredients such as grilled onion, grilled garlic, green onions, kimchi, and other sides. It’s so savoury and delicious, you will definitely ask for more servings.


Ah, the famous kimchi. We cannot forget the most coveted Korean food of all, as this can now be spotted even in local (non-Korean) grocery stores. Most Koreans simply cannot eat their meals without kimchi, and it’s so versatile that you can eat it with almost anything.

Kimchi is a mix of sour and spicy; it has been fermented and kept for a couple of days. Now, don’t let the smell turn you off, as this is one of the most addictive Korean dishes available. It’s usually prepared with a lot of different ingredients, but the main ingredient is cabbage.


One of the most common types of comfort food in Korea is called tteokbokki. It’s made of rice cakes that are in cylindrical form so they can be easy to bite and chew. It also includes rice cakes, fish cakes, sweet red chili sauce, and a few different vegetables as ingredients. This is often served as a snack, but you can eat it for dinner or lunch, too. It has this sweet and spicy taste to it that you will never forget.

A lot of other Korean dishes are famous in Korea, such as their crispy fried chicken, tofu stew, bibimbap, and japchae. Their food is simply delicious, and they are usually nutritious. Go ahead and try these today so you can enjoy a taste of Korea even without visiting the country!

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