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COVID-19 Pandemic: A Wake-Up Call to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. Some of us have adapted by changing our daily habits, including work and social routines. For others, this pandemic has served as a wake-up call to lead a healthier lifestyle. Many have become more health-conscious, changing their eating and food purchasing habits and adding home workout routines to their daily schedules.

Here are some specific ways the pandemic has led many individuals to a healthier lifestyle:

Shifting towards home cooking

Many people started embracing home cooking during the quarantine. Shelter-in-place orders somehow pushed them to cook more meals at home and be mindful of ingredients since they couldn’t go out to the grocery store frequently. With a developed habit for home cooking, many people continue to bake, prepare meals, and experiment with new dishes at home even when the lockdown restrictions ease up.

Home cooking has led many people to a healthy lifestyle because, for one, it allows them to have complete control over ingredients and cooking methods. Knowing the ingredients and how the meal is prepared can make you more conscious of what you feed to your body. Home cooking also lets families enjoy more time together, making the journey to healthy living even more accessible and encouraging.

Focusing on food safety and hygiene

The coronavirus pandemic has made us realise not to let our guards down when it comes to health. With articles and studies on food safety and personal hygiene popping up our social media feeds daily, we’ve learned a few safety skills and practices. Many of us have become better at handwashing, disinfecting our home, washing our produce, storing our food items, and taking and monitoring food supply at home.

Most of us knew these practices but chose to neglect following them. But with the threat of the pandemic, we have become extra careful about our body, health, surroundings, and even interaction with others.

Making physical activity fun

Since gyms, sports centres, and parks shut their doors during quarantine, many people had to make do with what they had in their homes to stay in shape. Some even made home workouts fun by turning their video chat apps on and exercising with friends online. Others found a way to create exciting workout routines to make their home quarantine a bit less dull and dreary. No matter the approach, the pandemic has made us re-imagine a fitness routine into something safe, convenient, and enjoyable.

Listening to the body

Working out

In these trying times, it’s essential to be healthy and strong. Other than eating healthily and exercising regularly, people achieve it by listening to their bodies. Talks about self-care have surfaced. Telehealth has prospered, making it easier to consult with GPs, specialists, and even expert physiotherapists. People both online and offline have also started conversations about pandemic-related work burnout, encouraging remote workers to take time off to recharge, relax, and rest and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The pandemic has claimed many lives and continues to be a threat to the world. But by living a healthier lifestyle, many people manage to endure the current global crisis and be more prepared for what’s next.

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