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Engage Your Customers Through Events: Making Your Gym Fun

Let’s face it: nobody wants to work out the same muscle group like it’s a chore, then having to go through a strict dietary regimen that can help build muscles or cut down on weight. While exercising is an excellent way of burning up calories and maintaining a well-toned body, people want to “spice” up their gym workout sessions. While the gym is a perfect way of improving our physical performance, it’s also a place to socialize and make friends. That said, your gym is more than just a place to workout in.

Throughout the first six months of a gym member, most customers and clients quit. There are various reasons why most customers choose to retire or to do things on their own. But one of the most common reasons why most leave the gym is that they don’t have the motivation anymore.

Unless you’re living in a remote area, you’ll need to find ways to retain gym members while also increasing customer satisfaction. Fortunately, there are various ways to gain the interest of current gym members and get them involved. So what are some creative ways of retaining gym members and attracting newer ones? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Focusing on Events

What’s a creative way of attracting more customers? Well, most experts would suggest establishing sporting events that are engaging and fun within your gym. 75% to 80% of marketers have generated a good amount of sales solely from marketing events.

While gym events can be hosted in your gym, you can also rent large open spaces or ask for permission to have one in open public areas. This is a great way of improving foot traffic, increasing the number of signups, and awareness of your business and brand.

You might consider getting a theme going for some of your events. In some instances, gyms will “gamify” their mechanics to ensure some healthy competition between those working out. This is also a great way of getting repeat and long-term clients and customers.

You might also want to design your business cards to have a classy theme going, like business card poker chips that can easily catch the eye of potential customers. Having quirky and unique business cards is an excellent way of letting customers know that you’re investing in your gym and that you genuinely care about the services that you offer to your clientele.

Healthy Food Fair

You can’t really have workout sessions without having a healthy and well-rounded diet. Having a healthy food fair is an excellent way of letting the general public know that you’re in the business of making everyone in town fit and healthy with the right diet. You might want to reach out to different fitness brands that can help you cook up the right food while expanding your market.

This is similar to just about any food fair, except that there’s no greasy food and sweets. Instead, you can start serving healthy protein shakes, fruit salads, and well-balanced food.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off since many food brands are willing to sponsor booths and fairs. Some companies are willing to give out samples of their products and cooked food that is for sale. You might want to sell some of these products at your gym during special occasions. Both you and these fitness brands can make both profits, which makes it a win-win situation.

Family-Oriented Events

happy family

What can make exercising even more fun? Doing it with family and friends can make exercising fun and exciting. Making sporting events a family affair, such as doing group workouts or competitions, is a great way of increasing foot traffic; instead of just one person going to the gym, it will be the whole family instead.

You might want to have an event for different age groups to “balance” out games and events. Having a section that’s for adults and events for kids can make things fun and engaging.

Hosting Charity Events

Since customers are helping your business, it’s time to start giving back to the community. Giving back to the community is a great way of showing that your business genuinely cares for the community. Some of these charity events can come in the form of feeding programs and already-paid workout sessions.

Although you might have to spend on these events, this is a great way of getting publicity and increasing traffic to your gym.

There are a variety of events that you can host for your gym. You don’t have to limit yourself to these events as every business is unique in how it operates. At the end of the day, you have to be creative with your events and how you market.

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